Backup and Restore of VMs

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Experiment Name: Backup and Restore of VMs of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Experiment Content:
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a solution that can be used for data protection of VM environments (e.g. VMware and Hyper-V), and enables the data protection and availability for virtual and physical machines of database like Oracle and SQL Server. This experiment will guide you to backup and restore VMware virtual machines quickly with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus (duration: 15-20 min).

Experiment Resources:
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.1 software
VMware vSphere 5.5 and VMware vCenter Server 5.5
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 (VM)

Backup and Restore of VMs of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

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  1. Log onto the SPP Management Interface

    Click in the top right corner of the screen
    Click ⚙︎ 选项, and find 选择...(O), then click 上移(U) to move 英语(美国)[en-us] in the top and click 确定. After fresh browser, GUI change to English version.

    Open the Firefox browser and click Sign in to enter the SPP Management Interface.

    Animated demo
  2. Customize the SLA Policy

    Open the following tabs on the left navigation bar in order: Manage Protection > Policy Overview, and click the Modify icon on the left of Demo under SLA Policies. Retention and Frequency indicate the length of backup retention and the backup frequency, for example:

    It indicates that backup is Executeed every day, and each backup is retained for 7 days. Click Save. To confirm, enter code displayed on the screen, and click OK to complete SLA policy modification.
    Note: In this experiment, all SLA policies are based on the policy Demo; in actual production, you may create one or more SLA policies with vSnap.

    Animated demo
  3. Set up the SLA backup policy for VMs

    Open the following tabs on the left navigation bar in order: Manage Protection > Virtualized Systems> VMware;
    under vCenter, open > Datacenter in order,
    and check the VM to be backed up: 01_RHEL7.4_01;
    click it to Select a SLA policy;
    under the SLA policy, check the policy Demo
    and click Save to complete the setting.

    Animated demo
  4. Execute the VM backup task

    Under the SLA Policy Status, find the policy Demo,
    click Actions on the right and select Start to execute manual backup immediately.
    Note: In actual production, backup tasks will be automatically executed based on the time defined by the SLA policy, requiring no manual execution.

    Animated demo
  5. Monitor the VM backup task

    Click the to the left of the policy Demo to check the backup task Running on the top,
    and then click the  on the left to check the detailed information about the current execution.
    After about 3 minutes, the backup can be completed and the status will be change to Completed.

    Animated demo
  6. Fast recover a VM

    Open the second tab Jobs and Operations on the left navigation bar, select Create Job,
    Select Restore and then select the following items one by one in the guide for jobs:
    (1) Source type: VMware ,click Next 
    (2) Select source: Datacenter , and click to the right of 01_RHEL7.4_01,and click  Next 
    (3) Source snapshot: select On-Demand as type of Restore, select the latest backup time point below, and click Next;
    (4) Set destination: Original Host or Cluster, and click Next;
    (5) Set network: Allow the system to define IPconfiguration, and click Next;
    (6) Restore method: Test, and click Next;
    (7) Review: after checking, click Submit and a pop-up appears with a prompt Recovery Created. You can find it in the "Running Job" until its completion. Click OK. Quick recovery of the VM can be finished in about 20s.
    Click vSphere Client in the remote desktop taskbar, and you will see 01_RHEL7.4_01-test... VM.

    Animated demo

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实验内容: 虚机的备份与恢复



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