Global File Retrieval and Restore

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Experiment name: Global File Retrieval and Restore of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Experiment content:
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a solution that can be used for data protection of VM environments (e.g. VMware and Hyper-V), and enables the data protection and availability for virtual and physical machines of database like Oracle and SQL Server. This experiment will guide you to implement global retrieval and fast file-level restore with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. (duration: 10-15mn)

Experiment resources:
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus 10.1.1 software
VMware vSphere 5.5 and VMware vCenter Server 5.5
- Windows Server 2008 R2 (VMs)

Global File Retrieval and Restore of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

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  1. Log onto the SPP Management Interface(Duration: 0.5 min)
    Open the Firefox browser and click Sign in to enter the SPP Management Interface.

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  2. Search the file to be restored(Duration: 1 min)
    Click File Restore in the left-hand navigation bar, and enter the file (e.g. doc00*) to be restored in the first line.
    Click at the right.
    Find the file (e.g. doc006.txt) to be restored in the Search Results, and click .
    Select a snapshot time.

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  3. Set up the location for file restore(Duration: 1 min)
    Click Options at the lower right of the search results list.
    Select Restore file(s) to alternative location.
    Select 02_Win2k8R2_01.
    Type C:\Restored in the Destination Folder.
    Then, click Save.

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  4. Execute the file restore task(Duration: 6 min)
    Click Restore to execute the file restore task, and wait for a moment.
    You can view the restore progress in the Job Session(s).
    The restore task will be completed in about 5min when 100% is displayed in the Progress column.

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  5. View the restored file(Duration: 2 min)
    Minimize the Firefox browser, and double click (icon name: 02_Win2k8R2_01) on the desktop to log onto this VM.
    Wait for a moment, and then click (icon name: Restored) on the virtual desktop.
    Then, you will see the restored file (e.g. Doc006.txt).

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